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    Colbert unleashed a blistering expose of Laura Ingraham’s implicit racism in her simple-mined political satire on Tuesday.  The  next day, Stewart raises the ante with a new segment called “I Give Up” in which he decries both Dems and the GOP for turning their back on 9/11 First Responders’ health problems.  One politician offers a glimmer of hope for Stewart:  former roommate and summer share Anthony Weiner, who serves as a proxy for The Daily Show host’s outrage at the end of the second clip.  Kinda makes up for last week’s silly season of dramatic readings of Bravo transcripts and discussions of astronaut poop.

  2. I used to think that business was war by other means.  But that’s naive I supposed given that we are now acting like a traditional empire, extending our influence in increasingly war-like means.

    The NYT first reported the disovery of mineral worth $1T in Afgahnistan, but in the clip above, Y! Finance’s tech-ticker hosts Aaron Task and Henry Blodget illustrate opposing but valid emotional reactions.  Henry gleefully states that we finally have a strategic success in this war.  An astounded Aaron asks, why are we doing geological surveys when we haven’t found Bin Laden?  

    As Henry says, maybe we’re better at finding minerals than terrorists.  The truth of the matter might be that we’re better at making money off war than anything else.

  3. War by other means…

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